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FirstPlace Software Reseller -- Armata
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FirstPlace Software Reseller -- Armata
Thanks to WebPosition our business and traffic have increased 8 to 12 fold. Philip K. Akalp
WebPosition Gold 2
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There are two editions of WebPosition Gold to meet the needs of the average user or the professional Web marketing consultant:

Standard Edition Only $149

The Standard Edition is designed for large or small Web sites with ALL the powerful features you need to quickly build site traffic.

Includes all the many standard features PLUS:

Professional Edition  Only $349

WebPosition Gold Professional Edition is designed for consultants and Webmasters who service many Web site domains. Easily generate reports for all your clients, then bill them for your services!

Includes all the standard version features PLUS:

  1. Supports UNLIMITED number of Web site domains. Pay once and service as many sites as you like!
  2. Add your company logo to all WebPosition Gold reports, and then give them to your clients!
  3. WebPosition Gold product name will NOT appear on any HTML Reporter or Submitter reports. Your clients will NEVER know you used WebPosition Gold to do ALL the work!
  4. Output to ASCII to export report data into spreadsheets or databases to customize special reports for clients. This gives unlimited flexibility in how your positioning reports will look.
  5. Unlimited keywords. Unlimited Pages. Unlimited Missions.
  6. FREE product support.
  7. 45-day money-back guarantee. UNCONDITIONAL.

Money Back Guarantee! For fastest service, order now via our online order form.

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