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Welcome to Armata. Please sit down, have a coffee or a drink and let us explain to you what Armata can offer you in the fast growing world of the Internet.

If you have a business, office or shop then we can help you market your goods and services to a much wider client base than you currently enjoy, If you are a person with a good idea then this is the best and cheapest place to market that idea world-wide.
Maybe you have a pet project or hobby and are an expert in your field, if so share it with the world on a platform where you have control, and if you are a charity or genuine good cause, let us know as we may be able to offer you free or reduced rate space.

Press the links below to find out more about what we offer and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 


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Armata in Cyprus - for all your internet solutions

Contact us at :-

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PO Box 40218 Larnaca Cyprus
Ayiou Neophytou 4  Larnaca Cyprus

Tel: 00357 24 665408

Fax: 00357 24 627489

Armata in Cyprus - for all your internet solutions