When we started doing work on the web in 1997, prospective customers would always ask
"How long have you been in business?"
" Who uses you ?"
No we have not been going very long, we are a 'new company' Only a few years, We used to say
But this is a new medium, and it changes and upgrades it's ideas daily, as do we.

We used to have a long list here with links to our customers websites but
We have taken down the client list, as we have noticed that our clients have been hassled by other companies trying to 'tout' their own business.

Oh well ! If you want a list as a bona fide prospective customer wishing to check our credentials we will be more than happy to supply you with one on our meeting with you. To those who just wish to poach our lists... bye.

cyprus property network.JPG (12957 bytes)

newa.jpg.gif (51978 bytes)If you wish to become a part of our merry band
 send us an e-mail here.


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