Depending on you needs and expectations for your web presence, we can offer you a number of options.
The first thing that you have to do is decide what your game plan is, what you expect from your web site and then we can help you put it into action

Below are first the non-virtual sites, then the virtual options.

We have also launched our new

This has cheap and good stand alone hosting.
You can also see all the options in one place...

The advantages to hosting on one (or more) of our non-virtual domains are joint promotion and targeted visitors.
e.g. Someone looking for flowers or plants in Cyprus will find you much more easily than say with '' 
Your actual address would be

Template turnkey pages are available on any of the following jointly promoted sites or we can design you a special personal site.

Site Address

Price per year*

One off set up fee   cyprus_1_net.JPG (9040 bytes)

From Cú60


Cyprus-flowers.comCyprus_flowers.JPG (16156 bytes)



Cyprus-property.netcyprus_property_network.JPG (12957 bytes)

Private advertisers with properties for sale Cú60 + 3% or Cú300 straight.*
(Until sold on private properties)


Cyprus-accountants.comaccountants_in_cyprus.JPG (14973 bytes)



WOC_Banner_big.gif (3976 bytes)

Application Only




yacht-sale copy.JPG (8631 bytes)

Cú60 for layout and design of a full page colour spread with photo's + 6% or Cú300 straight*
(Until sold)


ships-for-sale banner.JPG (12745 bytes)  


Some other sites are :

*All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT

banner cyprus hotels.gif (16595 bytes)

        Then we can also offer you virtual hosting.     

See Domains-Global or Cyprus-Domians for ready to use names

Virtual Hosting is for example
and comes with your own E-mail addresses.
Depending on the size of your site and the number of visitors that you expect to visit you has a bearing on how much space you need - how much data transfer you need available.
Here are our virtual options

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